Coinpressions Residual Bitcoin Income Worldwide | Team Building System

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Coinpressions Residual Income Every Active Member Earns - Guaranteed! The Coinpressions system is simple, lucrative and efficient and is comprised of Four Main Features: - Advertising Credits (Your Purchase) - 3x10 Personally Forced* Compensation Matrix - 25% Match on Matrix Earnings of Direct Referrals - Break Even Pool (“BEP”)   Advertising Credits: With your subscription purchase each month you will receive 20,000 Advertising Credits in our Community (10,000 Text Ad and 10,000 Banner Ad Impressions). As our community grows we anticipate adding additional ways for you advertise to our growing Community. 3x10 Personally Forced Compensation Matrix We have designed our Compensation Plan to help you cover your monthly purchase as quickly as possible AND to reward you handsomely for building your team. You will earn $10 for each sale on…
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