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I recently joined Traffic Ad Bar which is a brand new FREE way to generate website traffic for your websites.

Unlike many other services, Traffic Ad Bar uses a level ladder which generates hits for members by using the “Daily Update Email”.

But the reason that I joined more than any other was that I can use the Traffic Ad Bar to advertise my website completely FREE, AND reach almost everyone on the internet!

Click the banner to learn more.

Using Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is suitable for people that use other Traffic Exchanges.

If you use other websites as well as Traffic Ad Bar, you can use the Traffic Ad Bar to refer people as well as earn extra points.

Click on “websites” on the red bar at the top of this screen and you will see a traffic ad bar link next to each of the websites you have listed. If you click on the link you will see the website you are promoting with the Ad Bar across the bottom of the page.

Each time your link is shown you will earn 3 points AND when someone clicks on the link and joins Traffic Ad Bar you will be credited as the referrer.

Traffic Ad Bar is a great traffic source for every online business owner. Traffic Ad Bar is a free traffic generation membership program created by Internet Marketing guru Darren Merrett. Members are able to get guaranteed visitors to their sales websites, blogs or splash pages by visiting other member websites and reading other member advertisements. This is advertising program works through a points system. The more participation points you earn, the more exposure you get for your websites.

Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get more people to visit your websites, and it’s my #1 recommended traffic exchange.

Cash and points for referring people

Use the referring tools below to refer other members to Traffic Ad Bar and not only will you receive points for referring, but you will also earn commission for anyone that upgrades their account.

Refer someone and receive 20 points.

Plus, for every 100 points they earn each month, you’ll receive a credit of 10 points for doing absolutely nothing!

Free Pro Lite Pro Platinum
Commission for referring a member who upgrades to Pro Lite. 10% 25% 30% 35%
Commission for referring a member who upgrades to Pro. 6% 15% 20% 35%
Commission for referring a member who upgrades to Platinum. 4% 10% 15% 35%

Traffic Ad Bar

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