My20DollarTravel Business Recorded Webinar Explaining Our New Online Shopping Mall and Savings Portal


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How is it possible to Save up to 75%? on Hotels & Condos?

Before you learn how we get our amazing deals, it important you understand the we do not sell travel. We don’t see travel and we are not compensated for travel. We sell memberships that offer amazing deals on travel and other things and our members win by experiencing big savings.

Rate parity is a practice that forces public booking travel sites to keep their prices similar to the hotels main website. They get their prices at net-rate wholesale, then mark them up 20% 50%, 100% or more.

Our travel engine is not available to the general public. It’s found inside our protected paid members area. Because of this, we are able to offer net-rate wholesale pricing.

Instead of marking up the pricing like the public search engines do, our providers make money on Memberships and use a much smaller mark-up. This means real savings for you and lot’s of members.

Because our Members-Only Travel Engine is powered by a 23 year old company with an A+ rating with the BBB which has already sold over 4 Million Memberships, you know the deals are real.

Ready to join? Click here!

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Fluz Cashback Mobile App Plus Network Marketing Opportunity 2×15 Matrix Comp Plan

The Fluz Mobile App offers a power cashback savings package for every member but for those with an entrepreneurial spirit Fluz also offers an opportunity to earn bigger commissions. The Network Marketing feature is paid via the 2×15 Matrix Comp Plan.

One of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash is by taking advantage of apps and websites that offer cashback.

I’m a firm believer that if you are going to do some shopping, you might as well earn cashback if you can.

There are a lot of different cashback apps available for use and I feel that each one has its purpose and even like to use several different cashback apps at once to maximize my earning potential.

In this review I’ll talk about the Fluz App, which is totally different than typical cashback apps. Fluz not only lets you earn cashback from your personal purchases, but you can also earn cash from the purchases your friends make!

About Fluz App

Fluz is a network based cashback rewards app that was launched in early 2018. Fluz claims to offer higher potential cash rewards than any other cash rewards program in the world.

How Fluz Works

Fluz works like a lot of other cashback apps in that you link a credit card or debit card and then shop as usual.

When you shop at one of their partnered merchants, you’ll automatically receive cashback rewards in the form of cash that you can have directly deposited into your PayPal account or cryptocurrency

Before shopping, you will have to activate the offers you want in advance before shopping with your linked card (i.e. 5% cashback at iTunes or 1% cashback at Starbucks).


Stack your rewards.

Combine your Fluz cash back with credit card rewards, coupon sites, affiliate programs like Ebates and more.

Inviting not required.

Fluz loves buyer rewards and you don’t have to invite friends to earn cash back. But invites grow your network and earning potential.

Easy to market.

Rewarding people for shopping at their favorite stores is an easy sell. This, in turn, makes it easier to grow your network.

Get bonus rewards.

Gain access to bonus earning opportunities with our in-app goals and challenges as you expand your network.

Cash out anytime.

Fluz doesn’t restrict how often you can claim your payouts. Once you reach $26 in rewards, you can cash out anytime, anywhere.

No fees, ever.

No transaction fees. No signup fees. No payout fees. Fluz is an earn-only app. Download now to start building income.

Join with this link and earn up to 35% cash back at select stores.

Chipotle, Panera Bread, Burger King, Boston Market, Spotify, Domino’s & many more…

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My 20 Dollar Travel Business Review

With My20DollarTravelBusiness, you will get instant access to save $100 per night in hotels and save $1,000 or more on Condo Vacations for the price of a pizza!


Think about how simple and fun this is! Would people spend $20, the price of a pizza, to get Condo Vacations for $200 per week? How about saving 50% on Hotels in every major city in the world!

Plus, you will receive a Free Business, where you can make up to $2,000 to $10,000 monthly featuring:

* Save up to 75% on over 1 Million Hotels in 141 Countries
* 40,000 Condo Weeks as low as $200 per week
* No Timeshare Presentations
* Incredible 50% Fast Start Bonuses
* Fun Contests and Bonuses
* 70% Monthly Payout
* 5% Leadership Team Profit Sharing
* 10 Generational Commissions
* Only 2 personal referrals to qualify for all commissions
* 3 Levels to join:  $100 Platinum, $20 Gold or $1 Member
* Automated Income System using commissions to Upgrade
* Fun, Happy, Lucrative Business
* Earn a Free $3,000 Value 5-Star Resort Vacation
* And much more

Check out our Amazing Travel Engine that is provided by a 23-year-old company with an A+ Rating with the BBB and has sold over 4 Million Memberships. Not available to the public.

For the first time ever, this amazing memberships is being sold for only $20 per month, and with only 2 referrals, you can make up to $2000 to $10,000 monthly!
Our mission is to help 1 Million Families Worldwide to Become Debt Free!

Founder and CEO – Steve Gresham
Get started today for the price of a pizza!


Arnold Fisher
Find me on Twitter (click here)


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Press 1 Cash Review | The Best Automated Text Message Platform for Mobile Marketing

My Press 1 Cash Review and How it Works information for small business owners.

Press 1 Cash is a powerful new Automated-Text Message Platform and SMS Text Phone lead system. The Press 1 Cash system works in this way when someone calls your assigned SMS Text Number they listen to a short voice message that prompts them to press 1 on their cell phone. After pressing 1 to receive a text with your message and website from the automated system. This keeps it compliant and legal. You can customize this text with any message and website of your choice.

Press1 Cash


The Press 1 Cash marketing and lead system can be use by online and offline small business owners.

Press 1 Cash products:

  • Automated Text Responder
  • Your Own SMS Text Phone Number
  • 100 Free Credits
  • Your own Press 1 Website
  • Back Office with Tracking and Training
  • Built-In 1 up comp plan
  • Re-sell rights for life
  • You make $200 on every sale and every first person’s sale


  • Prospects call your assigned Auto-Text Messaging Phone Number
  • Your new prospect listens to a short voice message
  • Your new prospect are instructed to Press 1 and are immediately sent your website via text/sms

Can the Press1Cash site can be customized for any business?

You can change the website address your clients or prospects receive on your dashboard.

How much does it cost to purchase Press 1 Cash?

The price is $297 one time fee which includes 100 playback and SMS text credits, SMS Text Phone Number, Auto-Text Platform, Replicated Press1Cash Website, Back office, Marketing Resources, Customer Tracking and built-in 1up Affiliate Compensation Plan.

How much does it cost when someone calls you SMS phone number?

You are given 100 free SMS credits when you purchase Press1Cash. When someone calls your SMS number, one credit will be deducted. If they press 1, one additional credit will be deducted. So, two credits will be deducted if they call and press 1. Additional credits can be purchased on your dashboard for 1 penny each.

Can I see the phone numbers of everyone that presses 1?

Yes, on the dashboard page all calls received, their phone numbers, how long they listened, and whether or not they pressed 1, are all displayed for you, plus you can download the numbers to an Excel spreadsheet file.

Can I have people that press 1 go to my capture page so they receive my email drip campaign?

Yes. That’s exactly what Press1Cash was designed for.

Can I Use a Custom Outgoing Messages?

Yes. Custom message are available.

Is there any software to download or any technical skills I need to run this program?

No. The system is set-up for you. All you need to do is enter your instruction on how you want to get paid.

What are the options to get paid?

In your back office there is a Payment Box. You can add html payment button code. OR for most people you’ll just write in the payment box: PayPal me $200.00. My PayPal email address is (example) After your customer joins from your replicated Press1Cash website they are taken to the company admin payment cart to pay the one-time $97. Then automatically taken to your payment portal. Your customer will either see your payment button that you entered in the payment box or read the instructions on how to pay you. You are paid direct from your customers.

Software Success, LLC and Press1Cash are not involved in the payment between you and your customer.

Can I Get More Than One SMS Phone Number?

To get another SMS phone number, you have to create another Press1Cash account as yourself as a sponsor, and pay the $97 admin fee.

How do I market Press1Cash?

Various marketing resources are available in your back office. They offer copy and paste ads you can post. Ringless voicemail campaigns. Recorded calls. Voice recordings. Post your replicated site in social media. Send Post cards etc.

$200 Direct Payments are sent to you for every $297 sale.

Join our Live Team Webinar…

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Virtual Downline Builder | FREE Lifetime Access Virtual Downline Builder (VDB) is the best done-for-you sales funnel for building your residual income in the most profitable and reliable online programs, it also directs its affiliates to some of the best Internet advertising resources, marketing tools, and traffic sources.

Membership sites like NWC & AIOP pay 100% direct commissions and then keep generating cash flow while building a steady residual income. Residual income should be the foundation of every online marketers business. But sadly most fail to establish the correct foundation for business online..

After joining Virtual Downline Builder, you will be given a personally branded website, and you can customize it by adding five of your favorite business programs.


Click Here to Signup FREE!

Get referrals to our highly recommended lucrative programs PLUS add your own!

This site will help you to finally succeed online!

In the next 10 minutes you can be completely setup and ready to build your own downlines fast with our 100% FREE Downline Builder System!

Your Member Benefits Include:

– FREE lifetime access to our brand new FREE unique downline builder system!

– Ability to add your own programs to the downline builder.

– All the tools and resources to build and successfully promote.

– Extensive instructional videos that show you EXACTLY what to do.

– Plus many more features waiting for you on the inside!

Click Here to Signup FREE!

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AIOP Compensation Plan | All In One Profits Innovative Even up Pay Plan

The AIOP Compensation Plan is your All-In-One solution to Achieve Success online.

No other opportunity or compensation plan even compares to the All In One Profits  pay plan !
AIOP is the Extra Revenue Generating Service you need but never knew existed. So, what makes AIOP so special? It is unique and works for everybody!

All In One Profits is the only company combining: 
  • Our innovative “Even up®” system
  • The most lucrative compensation plan in this industry…bar none!
  • Affordable : $10 monthly for Basic membership
  • $10 for each referral in your downline
  • 100% payout Basic level
  • Break even with your first referral ( One single referral will set you free )
  • Unlimited income $1000, $5000, $10,000…as much as you want
  • A business in itself, offering All the web tools every online marketer needs to build ANY business
  • A system that is affordable, profitable and works immediately
  • A Business Center,  including  autoresponder and web hosting servicesdesigned to help you build ANY business you want
  • We made it possible, no matter how your marketing skills are!
  • A legitimate business for regular people that doesn’t cost hundreds to get into.
  • AIOP advertising and expanding advertising network.
Our proprietary  ” Even up®  ” formula WORKS!
It is all about MULTIPLYING TO INFINITY wide and deep! Not with1, 2, or 4 but… x INFINITY ! The potential is HUGE !

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Simple Freedom Academy Review | Cryptocurrency Trading Training Education | Online Membership

Simple Freedom Academy Crypto School, Altcoin Trading Education, Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Training.

Crypto Trading Alerts and Research. We are an online community, teaching you how to get results with Bitcoin and Digital Currency. Learn to trade cryptocurrency and altcoins.

Simple Freedom Academy: The Power of the 1UP Compensation Plan. The Academy is about two things that help you make the most money in the quickest amount of time with no hassles or drama.


1. High Upfront Commissions. You earn a full $100 per sale on a pricepoint of just $150.

2. No monthly fees or autoships.

3. Passive Income from Passups. Everyone that buys from your link passes up their first sales commission to you ($100 passive income each time).

4. Unlimited Depth. Then those people who are passed up to you also owe you their first sale. And on again and again to unlimited depth and that’s just a chain reaction started by ONE sale.

5. Make Unlimited Personal Sales. The more personal sales you make, the more people on your “front line” owe you their first sale.

6. Unlimited Passup Paylines. Imagine building a business with 100 front line affiliates all sending you their first sales and having that pay line chain reaction going into unlimited depth.

The leveraged power of a 1UP compensation plan delivers more direct and passive income to you without years of slaving away for peanuts inside some MLM program.

Make more money. Make it faster.

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RushCard Refer a Friend | Rewards Program | Debit Card Perks

EARN UP TO $600.  Refer a Friend to try RushCard?

Share the wealth today with our referral program!

RushCard is a prepaid debit card that might appeal to some people who lack a checking account and want a way to receive paychecks and make payments.

RushCard is a prepaid Visa card that allows you to shop, withdraw money from ATMs, pay your bills, shop online, and arrange direct deposits – from the convenience of one card. Because it’s prepaid, there are no credit checks and no overdraft fees. Whether you use it online or in stores, your funds are safe and protected and you can even load cash at thousands of retail locations across America. RushCard ensures your bank accounts and cash are protected.


The referred friend will receive $30 too! In order for both parties to receive $30, the referred friend must apply with the cardholder’s unique referral code, set the PIN for his/her new Prepaid Visa RushCard and fund their account.

Get Your Rushcard Now – Click Here


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AIOP Rotator Club The Dream Team System For All In One Profits

AIOP Rotator Club | The Dream Team System Powered By AIOP All In One Profits

All In One Profit, also known as AIOP, is the main engine we use to build our money machine. At a cost of only $10, AIOP provides us with an amazing array of tools that we will use to create life changing residual income. AIOP also pays 100% commission on our referrals every single month.

What is AIOP?

Web Services Provider  Company – independent professional web tools and services under the same roof- including web hosting and autoresponder, splash/squeeze builder, tracking tools, software and e-learning library.


Exclusive Compensation plan based on innovative “Even up” system:

  • 100% Commission at basic level
  • Break even with the first referral
  • $10-$15 for each referral in your downline
  • Fast Start bonus for Pro members
  • Affordable only $10 per month for Basic level
  • Unlimited number of referrals
  • Unlimited income
  • Daily/Hourly Payouts


AIOP Rotator Club Builds Your Income On Autopilot

Firstly, discover our team secret of How To Create A Money Machine That Pumps Out Ever Increasing Amounts Of Income . . . NON-STOP . . . On Autopilot!

Free video Team Video helps you setup our team system. When you join the AIOP Rotator Club you receive all you need free including a done for you sales funnel.

If you are a networker presently working a program or you have done so in the past, you undoubtedly know about the power of duplication and how it can generate wealth. It is talked about in networking programs but it is rarely achieved to any degree.

What the AIOP Rotator Club offers?

  • Team Support and Training
  • Team Training Video to share our vision
  • Ready-made Team capture pages for team link
  • Ready-made follow ups
  • Ready made email samples
  • Team Downline builder
  • Best Website Traffic sites

Build Your Own AIOP Paid Signup Machine – Watch the Video to Get Started..

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme it requires a bit of work and the right mindset but if you are a team player this can create massive success for you.



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